Monday, December 26, 2016

An honest look at what it takes to get it done.

Long time no blog. Honestly, I haven't had much to say that couldn't be summed up in a tweet lately.
I have avoided the TV and politics for the most part and I have been a busy bee with work and family.

I am off today because of the Christmas observation being Monday the 26th. (Makes NO sense to me, but whatever, I will never complain about getting to stay in my PJs). I was watching The Today Show because it was on and the inevitable "EASY HEALTHY tips for 2017" start rolling in.

I sat there watching the nice lady in what is likely a size 0 dress, tell people that they should eat dark chocolate for better brain function, do desk exercises with heavy law books and get massages so they aren't so stressed. This was somehow meant to magically transform you into a svelte,  healthy person, or at least that was the implication.

I sat back and thought about it for a few minutes then decided to post on Facebook in my usual sarcastic tone that this was somehow earth shattering new information that would transform me into a healthy person. NOT. I found it insulting that they would again aim useless crap at women.

I get asked more than 3-5 times on a daily basis how I maintain my figure and "you can't have 3 children, you are too thin".

Folks. First of all, that is rude. Secondly, I am genetically programmed with my Dad's build *lucky me*
Third: On the whole I pay attention to what I eat. I eat carbs, veggies, some fruit (not really a fan), meats/fish and will have wine/beer/liquor unless I am trying to watch weight and then I will eliminate alcohol. I don't drink diet drinks except rarely or sodas (save the post ride or race 100 calorie can of Coke). I don't eat out often at all. I cook our meals for the most part and get local meats. I eat a crapton of eggs and full fat yogurt. We don't serve bread with meals, though I have an egg sandwich daily. Food is fuel, it isn't a reward for me. It serves a purpose and that is to nourish me and let me go about my day. not being a picky eater is helpful.

Fourth: I lift weights 1-2 times a week, I ride 6 days a week with one ride being over 1:30, sometimes longer. I'm getting ready to tackle Krav Maga in January two days week (an hour long class).

So, you see, it isn't magic. Some of it is luck, some is preparedness, a lot of it is determination to avoid the genes I have been given that include cancer, early onset heart disease and diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol.

It is not easy, but I am consistent and have been for going on 10 years now.

My children and husband are my foremost priority, but they know that exercise is part of what keeps me sane. I could not do half of what I do without a supportive husband and kids that are willing to help out and pick up the slack. Not everyone is blessed with that, so you have to work within the confines of what you have, which is usually pointing at diet.

We can control what we buy, how we eat. Money can be an issue, but often times that is kind of an excuse for buying less nutritious foods that are processed. I find that I can shop sales and buy in bulk to avoid excessive costs for groceries. I will divide up larger packs of meat and freeze for later, which saves some money. The key? Planning. 

So, my healthy tip for 2017 today is Plan. Plan to exercise, plan to take time out to appreciate yourself and be active however that works out for you and plan to cook a meal that will fuel that.